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Well no one will say it, so here goes: The voter I.D. debate is pretty simple to me. The liberals who say requiring a government issued I.D. to vote will disenfranchise people and suppress the vote are full of crap. They are liars, plain and simple. What they want is the ability for anyone to vote as many times as they can, with absolutely no legal restrictions. Period. This will result in more votes for Democrats, because they are way more willing to cheat and there are way more people in a position to cheat who fit the description of Democrat voters. There you go. I give you the modern day Democrat Party: Liars and Cheaters.

Explain yourself Rodney Lee. Okay:

Liars and cheaters go on TV and say that there are all kinds of people who simply could not vote if they were required to show an I.D. proving they were legally qualified to vote. That is a crock of crap. I come in contact with more poor people in one year than they do in their entire lives and that’s a fact. I have never in my life met anyone who was unable to acquire a government issue I.D.

I wonder if any of these liars and cheaters have ever met one of these people they talk about who cannot attain an I.D., which the State will gladly give them for free if need be? The question is, have they any personal experience at all with someone, anyone, who cannot or will not get legal identification proving who they are?

You know what else they can’t do?

  •   rent an apartment
  •   collect social security
  •   get on a plane
  •   buy a six-pack of beer
  •   get an account with the gas company for heat
  •   collect disability
  •   food stamps
  •   get a job
  •   qualify for a credit or debit card
  •   open a bank account
  •   rent a movie
  •   get a loan
  •   collect any sort of government assistance
  •   go to school
  •   get training
  •   obtain a driver’s license
  •   about a million other things, you get the point

This poor, poverty-stricken, shut-in, destitute, mole simply does not exist. Mental patients have I.D. Homeless people who want to vote get I.D.’s and vote. Yes they do. They get welfare, they get disability, they buy beer and they vote on occasion. The point is, they have I.D.’s.

The liars and cheaters are lying and trying to cheat. Tell you what: Give me a list of these people nationwide, and a vague description of where they exist and I will personally pick them up, get them an I.D., take them to register and when the time comes; vote. Of course I’ll let them know for whom to vote, but at least the problem will be finally solved.

Next time you get in a debate about voter I.D., just look at them and ask for one name of one person who can’t get free identification.. Then say they’re full of crap and just want to cheat. Then smile and send me $100 for my campaign. See what I did there?

PS: Then they’ll say “But there’s no widespread voter fraud, so what’s the point of Voter I.D. laws? waaaaaaa!

Just reply; “The Voter I.D. laws are to ensure it will always stay that way, and we both want that, don’t we? Then smile and send the check. thanks- Rodney Lee

Rodney Conover
About Rodney Conover (25 Articles)
Rodney Lee Conover is a candidate for Congress in California's 8th District for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. Follow him on Twitter @RCCA08 his full bio and campaign site are at:


  1. Avatar Lois Haynes Tapner // Aug 24, 2013 at 4:29 pm // Reply

    Voter ID us absolutely necessary. Those who oppose it are the ones that want to cheat. Since ID has always been used in VA. I assumed it was done in all states and it’s not. It’s not that hard and protects us from dishonest people. That is how Obama got in the first and second time. He would not have won with an honest vote and we saw it happeningl

    • It’s been a fixed election both DA!@#$ times with O. Curse the day that Muslim was born and all his MB Regime. We The People must demand voter ID, thank you.

  2. Avatar Steve Tanton // Aug 24, 2013 at 4:31 pm // Reply

    Voter ID laws of course are meant to support voter disenfranchisement, disenfranchisement from voting when voters are not citizens of the district, the state in question or citizens of the country. Eric Holder is playing semantics, twisting and abusing the laws of this nation to abuse the integrity of our elections. His actions support voter fraud and support the continued abuse by the Democrat Party of lawlessness and this
    President’s malfeasance and racism. Minority voters do not have rights above the majority. Proof of residency to prove citizenship with identification is reasonable under the law. After all, it takes identification to sign up for welfare.

  3. Rodney: This is the best post: Especially the sentence: “This poor, poverty-stricken, shut-in, destitute, mole simply does not exist.” Plus these moles make more per hour than minimum wage. Whaaaaaaa the F. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  4. Avatar salliemaetoday // Aug 29, 2013 at 5:52 pm // Reply

    There is One and ONLY ONE reason to not require a voter ID and that is to allow illegal voting. Pure, Simple, and to the point.

  5. Great page! BUT….those floating ads for like VA Loans, Straw Polls GET IN THE WAY of reading an article. Also there is some kind of arrow on the left side. Both are a nuisance when reading articles. The article I am referring to is entitled “Who are These People” referring to Voter IDs. I would have written to your Customer Service people directly, but there is no CONTACT information menu.

    As for the article, great story. I wish more people would get on this bandwagon and force the issue!

  6. Avatar dodger4754 // Aug 30, 2013 at 12:19 pm // Reply

    You left one off your list: the 2012 Democratic National Convention required a photo ID to gain entry. What hypocrites!

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