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Union Contract Forces “Rubber Room” Teachers to be Paid Millions

When are unions going to be banned completely from the public sector, forever? Union contracts merely protect their members from competition and drain taxpayers. I don’t see one iota of improved service anywhere when dealing with government on any level. Do you?

The attitude on these people too – it’s getting worse as the pay goes up. Them vs. Us has taken over whenever you’re forced to deal with unionized public employees – and why not? They know they aren’t getting fired even if they sexually assault your child in New York schools, apparently.

Okay, here’s the disclaimer – I want to get it out of the way so my liberal friend’s eyes don’t bleed:

I have no problem at all with private-sector unions and in fact, I’ve been a card-carrying Teamster since I was 19. So shut-up, this is about Public-Sector Unions. Hell, even Jimmy Carter knew what they would lead to when he signed into law the Civil Service Reform Act (CSRA) in 1978.


He wasn’t forced to by evil Republicans either – there was a majority Democrat House and Senate at the time and the idea was to give Federal employees the right not to join any labor organization if they didn’t want to.

If they wanted to join one they could, but any disputes would now be handled  by an arbitration board – not the unions – because… well, duh.

Why? I would think that would be obvious – but okay:

If Federal employees are forced to join a union and those union dues are spread around to politicians, who then turn around and negotiate better deals for that union – then someday that union will bankrupt the States and the entire Country. Sound familiar?

There’s also in the case of Teacher’s Unions, the problem of money not going to the actual education of kids and perverts being allowed to sexually assault and rape children with pay and benefits – even when they’re caught. Case in point:

In New York, three of the city’s most notorious “rubber room” teachers have been paid more than $1 million each for over the past ten years to not work. Not in classrooms – not anywhere – courtesy of a union that won’t find them guilty of anything, won’t fire them or even let us tar and feather these miscreants for the sexual misconduct, sexual assault, or any number of sex crimes that landed these folks in the Rubber Room in the first place.

“Rubber Rooms” are empty classrooms where teachers who are deemed not fit to be around kids are sequestered to await some sort of fate or decision as to whatever they’re accused of. Because of tenure and protections in union contracts, it’s almost impossible to get rid of these teachers entirely and so they sit and do “administrative” work instead of teach.


One of them, 54-year-old Angel Salazar, makes $100,049 a year — plus pension and health benefits — not to teach. Although believe me, you wouldn’t want him near your kid for any reason.

He’s a scumbag who improperly touched two girls, made sexual comments, assaulted a young student by pressing his erection against her… Should I go on?

Okay, he told the girl he “loved her” and wanted to marry her constantly as well. Of course the union farce of an investigation dismissed the case because the victim “wasn’t credible.” Funny how they stuck him in a “Rubber Room” – yet they dismissed the case. This means he gets paid for nothing.

James Rampulla makes $86k per year in his rubber room for giving a 14-year-old student innapropriate expensive gifts, exchanging hundreds of private texts, let him drive his car, etc.

Even though some texts to the 14-year-old boy said inappropriate things like; “I love you,’’ Rampulla was found not guilty. Pay the man. “Hey, but what if this was just a caring, human, teacher who felt love for..” Oh, shut up – you damn sure know what this evil pri*k was up to.

Aryeh Eller was removed and put in a rubber room at Hillcrest High in Queens in 1999, after confessing to sexually harassing numerous female students, but guess what?

That’s right – Eller worked just one year as a full-time teacher in New York, but has pulled down $1 million for 13 years of doing nothing.

I’m not going to continue with more of these proclivities – you get the picture: These are sociopaths preying on your children and getting paid even after they’re caught; and it’s a public union – the one your daddy Carter warned you about – which is responsible.

Ronald ReagAryehEller.jpgan gets all the vitriol when it comes to union-busting because of the high profile (and illegal) Air Traffic Controller Strike early in his presidency and the fact that the liberal press hates Republicans – especially President Reagan.

Reagan’s policies are not what caused the big decline in union membership over the last 30 years. It’s primarily the result of Democrat Jimmy Carter and the de-regulators in his Administration.

They had a far bigger impact on unions than Reagan ever did. Some background:

When President Carter signed the “Staggers Rail Act,” it allowed railroads to finally set their own prices, end unprofitable lines and get out from under the Union Boot. Of course that resulted in a massive loss of union membership which we’re still witnessing to this day.

Remember the break-up of the AT&T “Bells”? It didn’t happen until after Carter left office, but the judge presiding over the breakup, leading to a major downsizing of two gigantic unions was Harold Greene – a Carter appointee. Membership in the Communications Workers of America (CWA) and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) fell dramatically (CWA lost 53,000 members) and in came companies like MCI, Sprint, etc. – lowering prices for you and I.

Don-Draper-RestaurantsHow many are old enough to remember when it cost an arm and a leg to call California from Illinois for 5 minutes? You had to wait until night time for better rates – even calling another County was extra! Now – pick up that damn phone and call anyone anywhere. Far less Union people to screw you, thanks to JC.

Carter also signed the “Motor Carrier Act of 1980″ into law, which deregulated the Interstate Trucking industry – ending the Teamster’s monopoly and their literal highway robbery when it came to prices, which were a whopping 75% higher than non-regulated freight. The International Brotherhood of Teamsters even endorsed Reagan in 1980 – that’s how pissed they were.

Even the “Socialist Workers” website admits it was Carter who laid the necessary groundwork for Reagan to deal effectively with the PATCO (Air Traffic Controllers Union) illegal and highly dangerous strike:

While Reagan launched the attack on PATCO, the previous administration of Democrat Jimmy Carter prepared the ground. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) under Carter conducted a management campaign of harassment against union controllers. And 12 months before the government’s contract with PATCO was set to expire, Carter formed a “Management Strike Contingency Force” to prepare for a walkout–including the use of scabs.

President Obama is all about unions and regulation – just exactly the opposite of what this country needs right now. We gotta get this poison out of our system. The next president should follow Jimmy Carter’s lead and use a trick from Obama with a pen and a phone: Outlaw all compulsory membership in public unions – especially Teacher’s Unions.

School officials of course, say their hands are tied because of the laws and contract provisions giving tenured teachers the right to a hearing with an arbitrator and an appeal to that arbitration in civil court before they can be fired. So that whole idea of arbitration was a good one, right? Who the hell is going to accept an arbitrator’s ruling that they’re a sexual deviant who shouldn’t be paid for ten years to do nothing?

In 2010, Mayor Michael Bloomberg decried the Rubber Rooms as an “abuse of tenure,” which supposedly put an end to the practice of keeping and paying teachers to sit and do nothing. Yet, the city is still paying accused teachers who have been removed from the classroom — at a cost of $22 million this year alone.

We all know the truth about the union dues being a giant slush fund making union bosses and corrupt politicians rich and fat. Then kids end up fat and unemployed when they grow up because instead of getting an education, they’re getting lessons in how to feel about 3+8 equals eleven, instead of why 3+8 equals eleven.

I could go on and on, but the point is – if liberal Jimmy Carter knew what a raw deal Americans were getting with over-regulation and these unions – especially the public unions – then why are they still able to screw our children out of a decent education. I probably shouldn’t have used that word in light of the fact that these sexual predators in the “Rubber Rooms” are still at large and getting paid, but come on – it’s time to stop putting up with this crap.


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2 Comments on Union Contract Forces “Rubber Room” Teachers to be Paid Millions

  1. Avatar Moliminous // Aug 21, 2014 at 11:36 am // Reply

    An even better way is to have a Separation of School and State. Get the government out of education totally.

  2. it is so easy to demonize teachers, isn’t it? i guess the teamsters have never paid donations to any candidate ever, so you all are above reproach.

    as a public school teacher, let me tell you what my world looks like. i am accountable for every damn thing a kid does wrong. not the kid, not the parent. no it’s teachers at fault. the fact that the kids don’t know “who they daddy” or he’s locked up is my fault. the lack of consequences when i get repeatedly assaulted by them makes sense, of course. it is my fault. if the kid shows up never, and is failing, that is my fault, too. so is the fact that when we call her in mama shows up high or drunk in pajamas and house shoes under her coat. and by the way, she wants to beat me up for getting her little angel in trouble. if i’m lucky she’ll just key scratch my car on the way out, and not have all the cousins and uncles waiting with baseball bats for when i leave.

    my pay depends on standardized test results, where kids who “don’t give no f***” try to spell out gang letters or obscene words on their scantron sheets. i’ve got to deal with communist core state standards being crammed down my throat, and new grading systems (based on the aforementioned standards) that let kids pass without learning a damn thing. theoretically we don’t teach what is not in the standards, but a LOT of what they need to learn is not in those standards, and if you look at where they came from, you will see it is billionaire “philanthopists” and not teacher unions.

    my union protects me from the whims of piss-poor administrators, such as a gambling-addicted embezzler who doesn’t like my skin tone. it helps make sure when i get assaulted by students that at least i get medical treatment, even if the little darlings who did it get no consequences.

    i have to listen to bragging daily about voting multiple times, and how the system of free goodies for all is being played, such as sell a food benefit card, claim it’s lost, get another, or 3-4 “obamaphones” per person. all paid my my tax dollars (and yours). i see kids whining they got no food at home wearing $250 ralph lauren or coogi outfits. meanwhile, i shop the clearance section at target.

    bill and melinda gates have poured millions into education reform. if you follow the actual money it is way higher stakes than the unions. this whole “superman” charter school holy grail is a farce. want more vouchers? go for it. i know some 14 year old boys who talk about getting vouchers. their parole officers say they should not be around kids 12 and under though, so i hope your little sons and daughters don’t go where he gets a voucher to.

    are there abuses? yes. is that all the teachers fault? hell no.

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