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Too Bad We don’t Give Veterans Same Treatment We Give Illegal Aliens Invading USA: Vets Would Receive the Best of Everything

Whenever illegals from Mexico or South America invade the United State’s they are treated like kings and queens. If  invaders are violent gangs, they are practically given law enforcement status! When United State Military men and women return home, they can expect to die from neglect and mistreatment in VA facilities.

Imagine what would happen if military vets said they were illegal aliens: They would be given the keys to the country!

Illegals crossing United States borders are given food, water, excellent medical attention and shelter. After that, they are given immigrant status and receive the best of everything our government will never offer our United states Military and veterans.

We’ve gone a step further: We decided border-crashing criminals must be housed on U.S. military bases, because, why protect the country from foreign invasion and people who hate us?

Illegals are allowed to run free and live among us and crowd our prisons with the most violent thugs imaginable and never fear receiving execution. We don’t want to offend Mexico and South America, after all, they lost a war to us and legally sold us that South Western land they insist belongs to them along with the entire North American continent.

Really? Tell that to the Canadian French, British and all those Canadian tribes.

Too bad illegal alien thugs didn’t start killing prairie chickens and desert turtles, Harry Reid would have them all executed.

Illegals are taking American jobs returning veterans need, as well as government benefits. That says its okay to invade America and destroy the U.S., but it’s wrong to fight and kill Islam before or after Islam has slaughtered Americans and American troops.

Illegals receive the best government benefits no veteran of the United States Military will ever receive, which is why our veterans should consider adopting Mexican and South American accents and pull mowers up to a house near you…and then just watch how fast our vets get jobs! Lousy, cheap pay no doubt, but they’ll get the jobs so long as cheap homeowners think John is now Juan and Joe is now Jose’.

Don’t forget the tan-in-a-can guys!

Too bad illegal aliens aren’t designated U.S. Veterans, they would receive nothing but deputation! Probably immediate execution for killing Muslim terrorists.

American military veteran can expect to die by-way-of neglect and mistreatment like gas station dogs in VA facilities, which is why I suggest all U.S. vets adopt Mexican and South American accents and head off to the nearest church or military base for medical attention. You’ll be in tip-top shape with excellent government benefits in no time!

Then again, our military men and women have too much honor and pride to not admit they are Americans, that they are proud of this great nation they willingly fought for to keep us safe from foreign invasion.

Now this country and our politicians, and even back-stabbing churches giving aid and treatment to illegals and not impoverished Americans, work to keep illegal invaders safe and sound while ignoring U.S. Military veterans dying in harm’s way in VA facilities…after they fought to keep us out of harm’s way.

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Lisa Richards is an American Conservative Republican in the Constitutional Republican fashion of the Founders, Calvin Coolidge, William F. Buckley–if Buckley were a woman–and Ronald Reagan. An unapologetic American who despises hyphenated Americanism, she is an Evangelical Christian, pro-life, anti-abortion, fur-wearing, meat-eating, gun-toting, flag-waving, Bible-bearing proud, traditional feminist whose personal philosophy is “Don’t waste Time asking questions! Just shoot the damn bastards!” Education: Bachelors of Science in Political Science from Sacred Heart University in Connecticut. Richards has written for Human Events, NewsReal Blog and David Horowitz’s FrontPage Magazine, Conservative Daily News, as well as Lisa Richards Rock n’ Roll Politics Radio on Blog talk Radio. Richards is featured on Michael Savage’s best-seller Banned in Britain for standing up for an American who was wrongfully banned from the UK. Lisa Richards resides in Connecticut with her family and an assortment of rescued animals.
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