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The Politically Incorrect Death of an Actress

Does the name, Adrienne Shelly sound familiar to you? Shelly was an actress who appeared in some small films and a few features before her untimely death in 2006. The last feature in which she acted was also a film she wrote, acted, directed, help cast and scored; the film “Waitress.” “Waitress” starred Keri Russell, Cheryl Hines and featured one of the last performances of actor, Andy Griffith. What could have happened to Adrienne that could put her on the back pages of Hollywood and celebrity deaths?

One would think with Adrienne’s life the media would lament her achievements, but Oprah hasn’t pontificated the outrage of her passing. There has been no talk about Adrienne’s harsh end and the loss of a talented, beautiful young woman who was senselessly murdered, and her grizzly murder staged to look like a suicide. There was no weeklong media frenzy once the murder was solved, and the perpetrator was arrested and sentenced. Adrienne’s fate was not as sensationally juicy as a suicide, not as politically correct as a drug over dose or as politically charged as a gender based beating or rape. Adrienne had the audacity to be murdered by an illegal alien from Ecuador.

As a media story, Adrienne’s case has everything: a beautiful actress moving up the ladder, similar to the same career trajectory as Matt Damon and Ben Affleck.  Her charming movie, “Waitress” was sweet, quirky, and Shelly wrote the main song that speaks of her love of pies and her love of family, complete with “a heart in the middle.” What ever happened to Adrienne? She just dropped out of sight. The tribute to her memory on the DVD of her movie only speaks of her death, and leaving behind her adorable two-year-old toddler daughter, who appears in the movie, and her grieving husband.  The mystery of Shelly’s death remains as that silent death, too tragic to talk about, yet too public to be able to hide completely. Adrienne died in the politically charged atmosphere that refuses to acknowledge that our government’s open border policy is putting our citizens at risk of heinous crimes.

The problem is not that the story isn’t full of intrigue. Adrienne had been working from an apartment used as an office directly over an apartment that was being remodeled. She had asked for some quiet, and had logged a complaint because of what she believed to be excessive noise and loud music. She reportedly got into a screaming match over the noise the day of her murder. The murderer, illegal alien Pillco, followed her up the stairs after he threw a hammer at her. He raced behind her up the stairs, entered her apartment, and started rifling through her purse. He struck her down when she tried to defend herself from his attack. The trial summary shows that Adrienne was knocked unconscious, was then dragged to the bathroom by Pillco where he staged her suicide. He brought her unconscious body up into the shower curtain that he twisted around her throat, and hung her from the curtain rod. She was placed over the tub, still breathing, but succumbed to death by hanging.

The attacker was 19-year-old illegal construction worker named, Diego Pillco, from Ecuador. According to his testimony, he was only allowed part-time work because of his illegal status and was afraid of deportation. Pillco had reportedly paid $12,000 to be smuggled into this country earlier the year of the murder, and was toiling with several jobs to pay back his financial debt.  After he murdered Adrienne, he calmly went back to work at another job site. He left Shelly to die alone and made the scene look like a suicide. Adrienne did not die from the blow to the head; she died from asphyxiation from being hung alive from the shower curtain rod. One can only wonder what kind of person leaves a helpless woman to suffer this end. Pillco received a 25 year sentence, which ends in his deportation back to Ecuador after he completes his sentence.

Had her husband accepted the cause of death as suicide, the story would have ended there. However, that wasn’t the end of the story. Liberal marketer and liberal blogger, husband, Andrew Ostroy did not accept suicide as the cause of death.  He did not believe that she would kill herself and leave her daughter and husband this way. He enlisted a detective to help him find the cause of death. The detective found a previously overlooked sneaker footprint on the toilet seat, which lead him to solve the case. When reconstructing the day of the murder, Pillco was revealed to be the one who killed her, and subsequently admitted to his guilt.

This sad and shocking death, leaves very few people with any tale of caution like so many other Hollywood exploited deaths. Shelly’s Lifetime movie is not the cautionary tale of how to protect yourself against an illegal who was never supposed to be here in this country. There is no discussion each time an illegal commits one of the thousands of murders each year in this country. There is no discussion about how Americans are vulnerable to the government’s lack of responsibility to keep our national interests, and public safety secure. No, the PC police would never want to acknowledge that the liberal open border policy isn’t working in this country. The liberal media wouldn’t want to exploit one of their own in order to uncover another brick in the huge wall of political correctness that is contrary to their agenda. The fact that our government has for decades turned a blind eye to the crime and murder, resulting in the deaths of innocents just doesn’t play well for their corporate donor’s agenda.

Adrienne Shelly’s short, but brilliant career goes into the dust bin of politically incorrect stories that the media and Hollywood don’t want to discuss. If Adrienne’s life were celebrated in film, the killer would probably be rewritten as a wacked out Tea Party activist who had a grudge against liberal Hollywood.

No, a simple story of an illegal who was afraid of losing his job and being deported is just too mundane for the PC police.



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2 Comments on The Politically Incorrect Death of an Actress

  1. I sincerely want them to bring back firing squads. Why are we now paying to house this man for two more decades only to send him back to cross again? He’s a murderer. He’s an illegal. The moment he stepped foot on our soil, he was breaking the law and just kept on doing so.

  2. Avatar Linda League // Sep 29, 2014 at 11:01 am // Reply

    There are murders, assaults, beheadings, drunk driving homicides, and a vast amount of other crimes from illegals. Why is our Government ignoring it and seems determined to get as many into the country as possible. Is it all about the votes? How criminal can both parties be?

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