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Still a disgrace…

Almost two years later and nothing has changed.  All of the same cheaters are in place, the machines are still rigged, and everything is ready for the continued screwing of America.

Right after the last election and what I witnessed, along with several dozen other Patriots at the SOE’s in Palm Beach County and St. Lucie County, I had something to say about the issue of voter fraud and its effect, if only on one race that I was following in So. Florida.  That race was just one incidence, (albeit huge) in one race, in one area.  However, in spite of the left’s insistence that such fraud doesn’t exist or isn’t widespread, the facts and numbers speak for themselves in every area of the country.

Sadly, and as always this issue got the normal treatment right after the smoke cleared and ever since that time, as not a whole lot was said or done about it…until now, just a handful of weeks before the all-important mid-term election, when it is too late to do anything about what will surely happen in November.  Will there be enough of a voter surge to over-come the expected fraud?  Time will tell, but a quick review of election-day history says not a chance.  Just look at what is blatantly happening in Georgia as I write this today!  And look at what came to my attention just before going to press.

According to Fox News:  “A handful of tight races in states with quirky election laws make for the possibility that Election Day will come and go without deciding which party controls the Senate.

If that happens, brace for a fierce runoff election and possible recounts that could make for an ugly holiday season in politics and government.

The main reason for uncertainty: Louisiana’s election laws. Strategists in both parties say a Dec. 6 runoff is likely because Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu and top Republican challenger Bill Cassidy will struggle to exceed 50 percent on the crowded Nov. 4 ballot.”

Where else is this going on unreported?  Suffice it to say, things are going to get very ugly.

The bottom line is that apparently not enough people have been hurt sufficiently or are angry enough to really do anything about it yet.  Sure, there are groups like ‘True the Vote’ that are and have been doing their best on this issue, and it gets talked about in conservative circles; but no one in authority that really can do anything ever will.

By the way, here’s why they won’t.  Due to a largely unknown agreement known as the ‘Consent Decree,’ which was initiated in 1982, fraud is essentially the law of the land…at least in the political realm.  Here is a brief synopsis from ‘Red State’ of what that decree is and does, and why:

“…In 1982, Democrats alleged Republicans were attempting to intimidate minority voters in NJ. As a result, legal action somehow forced the RNC to agree to a Consent Decree before a Democrat judge, instead of fighting the claims.  A specific section has been used for 30 years to stop Republicans from any challenge to evidence of voter fraud in voting locations with “racial or ethnic populations.”

Attorney James Bopp (James Madison Center) said “It prevents the RNC from working with state parties in conducting voter integrity activities.  It has been used by the DNC to harass the leadership of the RNC with false allegations of violations of the consent decree.”

Bopp said the agreement, even recently with reports of rampant countrywide fraud, prevents the RNC from doing any anti-voter fraud activity on Election Day.  Used by the DNC to harass the RNC with false allegations of violations of the Consent Decree, risk of possible election tampering was certain.

Additionally, and this is probably the most important sentence in my Op/Ed today, “…This agreement gives a carte blanche to the DNC to commit vote fraud in every voting district across America per the Consent Decree, with a substantial proportion of ‘racial or ethnic populations’.

Read that again and again until it sinks in!  The RNC decided in its wisdom to essentially pre-exonerate the DNC even when they are caught red-handed committing voter fraud.  I don’t care what your party affiliation might be, or even if you don’t have one; if that doesn’t anger you to some sort of corrective action, they have successfully lulled you into a complete, bought and paid for stupor, and you can kiss your own integrity, if you have any left, along with our country, good-bye.

Said another way; you, me, us; We the People, of every faith, creed, ethnicity, gender…it doesn’t matter, we’ve been completely sold out by the parties and the government at every level, and it is up to us to band together to do something about it.  It may very well be too late already, but if enough of us don’t make a stand now and at least try, we will have to look our children and grandchildren in the face and say “…I’m sorry, I knew this was coming, but I was too afraid/lazy/stupid/uncaring/busy/fill in the blank, to do anything about it.

The only way to stop this issue, if it is to happen at all, is for all of the splintered conservative groups to unite and put aside their differences and form a cohesive force to gather the evidence, and then bring about civil law suits.  The decree prevents the RNC, who again willingly said screw the people when they signed it; but it does not prevent We the People from doing what they won’t.

One way to fix the voter registration and eligibility system that I am a strong proponent of is to have a company like American Express or Master Card develop and maintain a voter registration and eligibility program.  Let’s face it, love them or hate them, the credit card companies, (some mistakes aside) generally know how keep excellent track of things.  Naturally, even that would have to be monitored due to corrupting corporate interests.  But I believe you get my point. Clearly, allowing the current corruptible, partisan, or even bi-partisan administration of the voter system to continue is a failed concept.

David DiCrescenzo
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  1. Avatar Sailing J // Sep 29, 2014 at 8:52 pm // Reply

    This happens every election. Why don’t our elected republican representatives do anything about it? They are part of the problem.

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