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Obama’s World: Where Reality Is a Minor Inconvenience – Or Is It?


This is a story made from the news. The news is filled with information about ISIS, Iraq, Obama, and what he is and isn’t doing. Watch as we take recent news clips and weave it into reality that Obama wants to avoid. It’s time to wake up to just what he’s doing to us on the world stage. 




Dr. Sharon Schuetz
About Dr. Sharon Schuetz (117 Articles)
Co-Founder / Managing Editor/Author - Dr. Sharon Schuetz has a PhD in clinical Christian counseling. She was Administrator for Cornerstone University, Lake Charles, LA while teaching the graduate program classes for two-years. She served as the national Women’s Ministry Director for her denomination's and District Youth President for the state New Mexico. She organized and spoke at youth camps, marriage retreats, and women's retreats. Dr. Schuetz had a local weekly television show, in Farmington NM called Issues of Our Time, where she interviewed state and local politicians, educators, and leaders from across the state and from different Indian tribes. Dr. Schuetz counseled abused and neglected children and teens for the New Mexico's largest children's home, Four Corners Home for Children in Farmington, NM. She has helped hundreds of couples build stronger relationships through counseling, seminars, workshops, conferences, retreats, and books. She and her husband of 39 years, Michael, have three children and ten grandchildren.

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