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Jihad, I mean, Climate Change Comes to San Bernardino: Paging Bernie Sanders

Turns out that that the terrorist mass-murderer jihadists climate change activists who slaughtered 14 of my people Wednesday are were husband and wife duo, Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, and Tashfeen Malik, 27. They left their child at home at least.

Good parenting. Which obviously means they’re a couple of Conservative Christian Tea Party leaders, motivated by Climate Change, the NRA and racial hatred toward Barack Obama and Eric Holder. Duh.


Farook graduated from California State University, San Bernardino with a degree in environmental health.. and a state employee who works worked as an environmental health specialist in San Bernardino.

HAH! The link libs are looking for. Someone forward this to Bernie Sanders before the next debate. The shooter was an environmental specialist – obviously distraught over Climate Change. Duh.

I live in this part of California (Inland Empire) and my first thought was; “Who’d a thunk Climate Change would ever show up in San Bernardino?” Before libs start spinning it and calling for gun control and of course, “Climate Change” – some of my so-called conservative followers are doing their dirty work for them: On my Facebook Page!! (which you should really look into)



Just a small sampling:

Hat tip: Me

Climate change caused the drought which caused the muslims to become irritated at the State wasting water while being kept wondering when the bullet train would be finished. Rumor has it a Christian Baker was behind the whole nefarious plot denying a gay wedding falafel…‪#‎blacklivesmatter‬ did I get everyone or did I miss someone to blame there?
Dennis Davoren

…you missed George W. Bush.
— Karen Lynn Jenkins-Kasulke

Since Farooq got a job there to get a keycard to open doors it will be classified as “workplace violence”, not terrorism, so no link to climate change. Climate change only causes terrorism. Conservatives cause workplace violence.
Robert Dean

Todd Bradley

I thought you guys were on my side? You’re tempting me to unfriend you, but then I couldnt rip off your replies for my own selfish reasons.

UPDATE and SOME INFO as of this writing: Hat tip HEAVY

— At least two gunmen killed at least 14 people and wounded at least 17 others, before being killed after a police chase. The shooting occurred at about 11 a.m., and the suspects were shot at about 3 p.m. after a police chase that began at a home in Redlands, California, and ended with a shootout in San Bernardino.

— A woman was also killed with Farook, police said. She has not been identified. On the bright side, she wasn’t raped and then stoned to death.

— The shooting occurred during a Christmas party being held by the San Bernardino County public health department, which had rented a room at the Inland Regional Center.

HAH! Another link libs are looking for: It was in fact the American celebration of “Christmas” that set these guys off. #BanAllAmericanTraditionsNow

The New York Times is already out of the gate, reporting the shooting may have been related to a workplace-dispute..

.. Of course it’s workplace violence you dopes – can’t you see the guy’s a disgruntled Irishman?


— Farook’s father, who was not named, told the New York Daily News his son was Muslim and a “very religious” Muslim, who would leave work to pray and then go back.

… Yo – dad: Shut up, you’re ruining the narrative.

Police Chief Jarrod Burguan said two suspects, a man and a woman, were killed during a shootout at the end of a police chase. Officers following leads went to a house in Redlands, California, about 15 minutes away from the shooting scene, and saw a vehicle matching one suspected of being involved in the shooting. Officers followed the vehicle and a chase began. At the end of a chase, officers were fired upon by the suspects in the car, and returned fire.

Burguan said the suspects, wearing “assault-style” tactical clothing and armed with assault rifles and handguns, died at the scene.

Well there you have it: The Perfect Storm of Liberal / Marxist / Alinsky / Cloward-Piven /Obama / Hillary buzzwords:

Assault rifles, workplace violence, climate change, handguns, “tactical clothing” (I think that means bullet-proof vests and stuff), Bernie Sanders is getting a woody and Bob’s your Uncle.

BUT: The FBI said Wednesday night that they have “not ruled out a connection to terrorism..”

… Wow – I think we’re actually getting somewhere. Or, you know, not, because they did throw pipe bombs out of the windows of their SUV before they were put down by police..

Because.. um.. pipe bombs are made from pipes and who smokes pipes? Old, White Republican fatcats… Okay, that one won’t fly.

… developing.

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