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Candidates, are you listening…?

An open letter to the three leading Republican candidates and the rest of the herd from that party. Gentlemen, may I use your first names? For the purposes of this very informal letter, I’ll refer to you all as “Mr. Donald/Ted/Ben/etc. Dude.”

Mr. Donald Dude, as of right now, still early in the game, even after all the dead democrats and illegals vote a couple of times, you are far and away the next likely POTUS. If tomorrow was Election Day, I believe America would stun the world; and to quote you say, “You’re hired,” allowing you and Melania to start making some decorating choices in the White House. On that note, you’d do well to pick a running mate like Mr. Ted Dude, and make him a de facto partner/co-president. You might also want to consider guys like Allen West as Secretary of Defense, Trey Gowdy as AG, Jeanine Pirro as Chief Justice, and John Bolton as Secretary of State. By the way, you really need to get completely on board with the threat of islam and make nice with Pamela Geller, as well as become friends or at very least council with Brigitte Gabriel, Frank Gaffney, Tom Trento, and a few others that are expert in that field. I’ll be glad to introduce you to any or all of them.

Regardless of which of you Dudes wins the nomination, all of you need to understand a few things, since some of you may well find a place in a Trump Cabinet. “Making America great again” absolutely includes the following on our southern border: a “V” shaped 25’ or higher concrete WALL, with a 100 yard field of electrified razor wire on the Mexican side, wide enough at the top for two way armored vehicle traffic, and 24/7/365 armed military patrols. Are you listening Mr. Marco, and Mr. Ben Dudes….?! It does NOT include any sort of “path to citizenship,” which all of We the People recognize as watered down amnesty, or accepting ANY refugees from Syria or anywhere else in the middle-east. It DOES include deporting as many of the 11M+ illegals as possible during construction of said wall so that the deportation is timed with completion. Don’t say we can’t; there are lots of idle school buses and others that could be chartered. By the way; we could build this puppy with Pre-Cast and let Sheriff Joe Arpaio supply and manage the “pink clad” labor.

Clearly, the Syrian “refugee” situation is largely a ruse to make it easy for some of the lowest dregs of humanity to migrate to western countries. Ahem….Paris, San Bernardino, and anywhere else they choose to hit. The numbers of refugees that potus wants to welcome changes depending on who one listens to, but let’s go with the 10K number. The other day, I got through and spoke with Chris Fabry on his show about this. I called because he said, loosely paraphrased, that probably only about 2% of that number might be up to no good. First and foremost, I think the percentage would far exceed that; however even if it is only 2%, that’s 200 hard core, evil driven, blood lusting, cut throats that would be let loose in America. Let me say that again….200 of them!! Look what a mere eight of them did in Paris. All of you “Dudes” need to think about that as should the democrats, even though they won’t.

Let me make it simple. With the exception of Israel, our friend and only real ally in the mid-east, 99% of the people in that region of the world hate us to the point of wishing every one of us death. That includes all of you and every member of your families. Really…they want all of us DEAD. It’s in their ‘unholy’ text, have a look.

You can’t play nice with that. You can’t offer them refuge. As much as it makes us feel bad, because no doubt there are some really good people being hurt in the mix by these monsters; you have to put aside any thought of welcoming any of them because in their midst are many who want to KILL us. It’s like the bag of M&M’s that you are aware has only a few deadly poisonous candies mixed in; would you allow your children to take their chances with even one of them…?!

If even ONE of them comes here and kills even ONE of us; that is too many of them here and too many of us killed because our leaders somehow feel the need to extend some sort of perverse charity to people who have abused our sense of charity against us. Any leader that allows them here will have the victims’ blood on his/her hands and has to answer for it.

Mr. Donald Dude, you are resonating with We the People. You are a leader that is saying what we have been screaming about for years; even before the current administration took control.

We recognize that you’ve changed your mind on a few things. That’s okay, we all have. However, some things are very much to the core of our thinking and don’t change, and you should be aware that we will hold you and anyone else accountable that goes against those core issues.

Immigration is one of them. If it isn’t legal, we don’t simply dislike it, we abhor it. That whole thing with “anchor babies…?!” We the People are wise to what the 14th Amendment was designed for and how it’s been twisted and abused. We are also about done with baling out every nation that has a natural disaster or installs a despot that does what despots do. For once, let them deal with their own crap.

Sure, all of us feel badly that people around the world are hurting; no one wants to see anyone suffer. However, charity begins at home, and we have countless homeless veterans as well as an embarrassing VA system which fails them constantly. Not to mention all the other non-veteran homeless. Priorities…!!

As far as ours guns and the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution; while some obviously have a hard time understanding the plain English of the Bill of Rights, the Federalist Papers are equally clear about the thoughts of our Founders regarding our absolute right to defend ourselves against not only criminals, but also the government itself. Shocking as that sounds to some, let me remind my readers and you leaders that we used GUNS to kick the snot out of an over bearing British tyranny, and if We the People are forced to, that same Constitution gives us the right to do the same to the over bearing tyranny our federal government has become.

There is a lot more, however I’ll close with this.

As a Christian and student of prophecy, I don’t really believe any of the candidates on either party can fix what ails us; however I do think that maybe one of you “Dudes” could make what’s coming a little more palatable.

Without a doubt, America must collectively take a knee of repentance, and we need someone at the top to proclaim that need. How about it Dudes…? Which of you will boldly proclaim the unequivocal sovereignty of Jesus the Christ and state the need for national repentance…?

We the People are waiting and watching.

David DiCrescenzo
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