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Osnet Daily – partnered Israeli Authors The Open Source Intelligence and News Daily joins forces with Lady Patriots to being new independent news services covering stories that are often overlooked. Osnet Daily Provides in-depth analysis of events, and deconstructs fallacies on both sides of the information war. In a time when “alternative” media is heavily infiltrated by establishment disinfo agents, our work is vital. As a direct news source from within Israel, Osnet is not affiliated with any government (including foreign governments’ propaganda channels who pretend to be “alternative” , like the RT channel). Refusing to subscribe to the false left-right paradigm (unlike most outfits out there who simply express ‘right wing’ views on domestic issues and ‘left wing’ views on foreign policy issues and call this “alternative”). We do not subscribe to the false atheist vs. religious paradigm. Osnet Daily always tries to think outside the box and be thought provoking for our readers.

ISIS Target is Christendom

ISIS-EMEA is a Geo-strategy against Germany and Russia  Ukraine and the Rebirth of Fascism in Europe Notably, Ukraine bridges the Northern prongs of ISIS Caliphate, by means [...]

Jul 6, 2014 // 0 Comments

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