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Anti-Israel Protest Gets Violent in Atlanta

Anti-Israeli rallies and violence are becoming commonplace in Europe. Hamas supporters are attacking synagogues, throwing bricks, and setting fires in Jewish communities all over the continent. The protests taking place in Germany, France, Great Britain and other parts of Europe have leaders worried enough that they are discussing ways to curtail the violence. People feel strongly about the war in Gaza. They are either pro-Israel or pro-Palestinian, without much middle ground. RT reports:

There are increasingly deep fault lines between pro-Palestinian and pro-Israel supporters worldwide.

Here in America we are fortunate in that we have not experienced the violence that crops up when an angry mob is determined to be heard. On Friday, thousands turned out in New York to demand that Israel withdraw from Gaza in a peaceful demonstration. According to RT there was no arrests nor was anyone hurt.

Atlanta had two separate demonstrations on Friday at the downtown CNN Center where both sides were deeply divided on the Palestinian issue. While Friday’s demonstrations were a peaceful, another pro-Palestinian rally earlier this month in Atlanta turned into an unruly mob.

Atlanta 1On Saturday, July 12th, two Georgia men, Israeli-born Jewish American, Ronen Asher, and his friend, Chad LeGere, an American Christian carried two Israeli flags to the CNN Center in Atlanta where 300 Palestinian supporters were holding an anti-Israel rally. They took a position across the street and waved their flags in support of Israel. The police stayed around for a little while to make sure everything went smoothly, then left. As soon as they were gone the 300 Palestinian demonstrators crossed the street and went after the two Israeli supporters. They used their Palestinian flags as weapons to stab the two Israeli supporters, (they didn’t draw any blood, just bruises) and attempted to push them down to the ground where they would be easier to get to. Fortunately, Ronen was able to get to his pepper spray and use it to free them from the crowd’s grip.

As they ran from the mob, the demonstrators chanted anti-Semitic slurs at them. When the police returned, the Palestinians lied and accused Chad LeGere and Ronen Asher of attacking them. They nearly convinced the police that they were the victims of the two Israeli supporters. The police handcuffed the two until the overhead street camera revealed the truth and released them.

Chad and Ronen helped organize last Friday’s pro-Israel rally in Atlanta. In a phone conversation I had with Chad today, he told me that he loves Israel and God loves Israel. As a Christian he feels he must let people know how important it is to support the tiny nation.

“People need to know the truth, he said, “And it’s my responsibility to help wake up those who don’t know what Hamas is really about.”

While this is a small skirmish today, we know that it doesn’t take much to escalate into something much bigger. I agree with Chad. We need to wake up because I’ve seen a glimps of a very ugly future, and I don’t like it.





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5 Comments on Anti-Israel Protest Gets Violent in Atlanta

  1. Avatar Jeanne Thompson-Raney // Jul 30, 2014 at 2:21 pm // Reply

    Imagine the fight in the spiritual realm! What is happening is the truth is being revealed, about how evil Hamas is.

  2. “The police handcuffed the two until the overhead street camera revealed the truth and released them.” SO WHO DID THEY ARREST FOR THIS ASSAULT AND BATTERY?

  3. They must have known those knuckleheads might attack them. They might want to bring more than 2 next time.

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