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America Owes Richard M. Nixon an Apology

If you’ve been around as long as I have, or you know someone that has been and therefore lived through the Nixon years and doesn’t have to rely on today’s revisionist history; you’ll understand why I’m correct.

I won’t go into all the details; however I will offer a nutshell refresher of what happened.  Nixon orchestrated, or at very least knew about the break-in of the DNC Office at the Watergate Complex in DC, and he attempted to squash the investigation of said break-in; missing tapes, etc.  The reason for the break in was to gain intel on the DNC plans for the election.  In the end, he was forced to resign the Presidency.

Were his actions wrong?  Was it criminal?  Were careers destroyed?

Yes to all of the above.  However, at the end of the day, “Watergate” amounted to a very minor crime; a B & E.  No one was killed; there was no breech of national security; no ally was endangered; no embassy was attacked, nor was any ambassador killed.  But it didn’t matter because the socialists in academia and the media had begun taking a stronghold and there was a Republican to destroy; they set him up like a carnival shooting gallery duck and never let up.  Without a doubt, had President Nixon been a Democrat, the incident would have been brushed under the rug and no one would have ever heard of it.

Fast forward to today.  The egregious and treasonous crimes committed by many at the highest levels of government by both parties, albeit the democrats do seem determined not to be outdone, are brushed off as trivial.  Even when over-whelming evidence is presented, we are witness to the same trite ‘dog and pony show’ every time.  The individuals involved are hurled in front of congressional panels, they are cross examined by this one and that one for all eyes to watch and listen to.  The pundits on all the major news outlets discuss it and rehash it ad nauseum; all for naught, because the guilty parties, with the exception of the rare scapegoat, walk and wind up well taken care of.

Before you start accusing me of any kind of favoritism, let me bring a few of the ‘minor’ criminals to mind. I’ll start with Congressman Charlie Rangel of NY.  His list of offenses is long and wide, however just the tax evasion episode concerning a property he owned in the Dominican Republic was worse than Nixon.  He claimed he didn’t understand the code; at the time, he was Chair of the Ways and Means Committee which writes said code.  Slap on the wrist for that and all the rest on his rap sheet.  Now he gets to retire comfortably.

Let’s not forget “Antny” Weiner.  Took photos of his ‘member,’ and shared them around.  Yes, he was forced to resign, but not to worry, he’s still got his tentacles all over the place and will almost certainly be back in politics before long because people forget and/or don’t care.  BTW, his wife Huma Abedin; guess who she still works for…?  In case you forgot, she is the right hand of Hillary and has been linked to the muslim brotherhood.

Speaking of Hillary and the Clinton Clan.  Husband Bill, y’know, #42; had such an easy job riding on the economic foundation set by the two previous administrations, that he found plenty of time to be ‘entertained’ by a certain intern while on the payroll.  He may have been embarrassed and made into a temporary laughing stock, but now he is laughing all the way to the bank with honoraria from speeches and books, and finds time to spend with the likes of pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein and his private stable of children in the Caribbean.  The “impeachment” never went through and he never had to resign. And some still love him to death even today.

As far as Mrs. Clinton is concerned; she might just be called Hillary ‘Teflon,’ because not since John Gotti, “the Teflon Don” have we witnessed anyone get away with more blatant criminal activity.  As a reminder, we lost four Americans to terrorists while she was Secretary of State.  She and the administration absolutely knew what was happening, Ambassador Stevens begged for help that never came; and her response was “….at this point, what difference does it make?”  It makes a lot of difference to those men and their families…!  Let’s not forget the whole classified email thing which is still brewing.  There is over-whelming proof at this point that she used at least one unsecured server when opening and emailing about classified information….the type of information that puts all of our children in grave danger.  Anyone could have intercepted those messages.  But hey, she’s “Teflon” Clinton.  She gets to run for president because apparently in democrat circles, one can literally get away with murder as long as they tow the liberal line. If she isn’t elected, and I certainly hope for the sake of our country that she isn’t, maybe she could start a cookware company.

Which brings me to the biggest political crime family ever; it’s almost laughable that he started his criminal, (I mean political) career in Chicago.  There are countless examples, however we have never seen the levels of blatant criminality and treason as we have witnessed in the past seven years.  Each of the incidents I’m about to describe would have rightfully destroyed a Republican.

Fast and Furious; a dreadful attempt to somehow ‘prove’ that most illegal guns in Mexico originated in America.  Besides that being factually incorrect, Fast and Furious was orchestrated by the DOJ with former US AG Holder calling the shots; hundreds of firearms were imported to Mexico by our DOJ.  No less than one US Agent was killed along with hundreds of Mexican civilians!  All to make a case to back up Obama and Holder’s anti-gun agenda.  This issue alone should have brought down this administration.  People were murdered, and the administration has blood on its hands.

While our southern border has been porous for years, this administration and Congress has virtually looked the other way.  During his campaigns he promised to close Gitmo; with full knowledge that the people incarcerated there are some of the most violent vermin on the planet and almost all that have been released have returned to the battlefield, and our people have died at their hands.  After five years, a known deserter was traded for five of the top echelon operatives in Gitmo.  Instead of addressing the nation and explaining that Bowe Bergdahl was indeed a deserter, which everyone including potus knew about, this potus made the swap and the deserter was given back pay.  As a side note to that; his back pay is a whole lot more than he would have received had he stayed in place with his unit.

This potus refuses to name our enemy; that in and of itself is a breach of security; and he keeps releasing additional ‘detainees’ from Gitmo on a regular basis.  This while he claims that ‘climate change’ is our biggest threat.

Let’s not forget the ‘Extortion 17’ incident in which all 38 people on board, including 25 special operations personnel were killed.  Murdered really by an administration that fails our military at every turn.  If you don’t remember this incident, look it up; however the bottom line in that incident was that our guys were set up like sitting ducks.  The wrong transport equipment was used and they were given zero ground support.

There is so much more, so many things that far outweigh what happened at Watergate.  Vicious crimes that have left people dead, ROE that ties the hands of our military, and an unchecked border which has allowed many of our enemies easy access and left us vulnerable for attacks which have already started.  Not to mention that we are gearing up to allow thousands of ‘refugees’ in which we know will be infiltrated by more of our enemy.

I have often said and I truly believe that this potus or Hillary could ‘cap’ someone on the front lawn of the White House with cameras rolling and would escape scrutiny.

Call me crazy, but I’ll take a guy who was respected by every world leader at the time and got involved in a B & E any day over people who regularly commit the sort of acts I’ve mentioned above.

We absolutely own President Nixon a national apology.

David DiCrescenzo
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